Elevate Your Game - with Duraflock™ & Optibright™
  • Elevate Your Game

    Elevate Your Game

    with Duraflock™ & Optibright™

  • Tougher Than Grit - The ball that can stand up against toughest grit
  • Tougher Than Grit

    Tougher Than Grit

    The ball that can stand up against toughest grit

  • More Paddle - Tougher Than Grit
  • More Paddle

    More Paddle

    Tougher Than Grit

The ball that is Tougher Than Grit and will outlast any competition. Rhino Platform Tennis Balls

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Rhino Sports Group is a grassroots company created with the sole purpose to provide the platform tennis circuit with a ball designed BY players, FOR players. The founders have backgrounds in platform, tennis, sales, marketing, and court design. We may not be the biggest kid on the block, but our SOLE FOCUS is on platform tennis and it is all we do. We are specializing in YOU and the game YOU love.

We spent over a year in market research understanding why and how platform players wanted the play of the ball improved. Why did we do this?  To bring a better ball to market to meet the needs of the players. The feedback was overwhelmingly consistent – focus on wobble, durability, and consistent play. And that is what we’ve done.

WOBBLE WOES: There is nothing worse than breaking into a new sleeve of balls and realizing the balls WOBBLE.  In our market research, our competitors have a wobble variance of 13-22%.  At RHINO, we insist on a less than 3% variance for balls manufactured at our facility.  If there are balls that are out of true, they are not shipped.  The competition will make  huge production runs and regardless of quality, ship them.  We’ve found that multiple, smaller batch manufacturing ensures the RHINO standard is maintained.  It’s our COMITTMENT and we take it serious!

LONGER is BETTER: Our trademarked Duraflock™ technology raises the level of the RHINO brand utilizing a proprietary adhesive coupled with a unique flocking that enables maximum playability.  Our process also ensures the coverage of our flocking is the most consistent and uniform across the ball.

VISIBILITY: Duraflock™, along with the trademarked Optibright™ core provides a more reflective ball core which equates to a visually brighter ball regardless of weather conditions or nighttime play. The exclusive core color and coloring process creates a more stable color core allowing RHINO to use a higher quality rubber matrix.  You will SEE and FEEL a difference with RHINO, a we bet you will dig it!

DEPENDABILITY: Every lot size is 2000 balls and every lot is selectively quality tested 3 times prior to shipment to ensure RHINO consistency in shape, rebound, and wear.

All the research and technology is great, but who will make this ball for us?  We wanted to partner with an exclusive manufacturer – someone who knew the market and could implement our improvement measures. We also needed someone who was reliable. We entered into an exclusive agreement with a seasoned manufacturer of platform balls. Not all balls are made the same, but almost all balls are made at the same facility. We wanted a new direction and accountability. The ONLY platform ball produced in our facility is the RHINO platform ball.  We have made specific upgrades to the process to ensure a consistent ball that meets our standards and specifications. Our manufacturer has made platform balls for over 20 years and was excited about the ability to bring upgraded technology to the manufacturing process, ultimately resulting in a better ball.

So what’s up with the RHINO? We spent a great deal of time just thinking about the name. What would convey how tough our ball is against a court of grit? What could stand up to the SLASH of the paddle? When we came up with our “Tougher than Grit” slogan, we knew the RHINO was the perfect fit.

We are excited about the growth of this market. According to the APTA, Paddle is the fastest growing racquet sport in the United States. We want to grow with this market and be THE company that provides reliable products to all levels of players – novice to professional. No matter your skill level, our RHINO platform ball will truly help you Elevate Your Game!

As the sport grows, so does the breadth of players in the market. This is yet another reason we are choosing to provide a high quality ball at a lower cost to consumers. Our hope is that you’ll spend less time reordering balls, and more time playing the sport!